A revolutionizing digital toolset that digitizes any home.

Gone are the days of a drawer full of owner manuals and clutter.  With DigiHome, you get a digital view of your entire home.

Immediate Access

Immediate access to all home details, preferred vendors, and maintenance notifications.

Transfer of Ownership

Property information and data can be transferred from one homeowner to the next.

Behavioral Data

A database of valuable marketing data and consumer behavior analytics.

Why DigiHome?

Welcome, to DigiHome!

DigiHome is a mobile application that digitizes any home. It is designed to put the details of your home in the palm of your hand.


Meet Our Team

Connor Boyce


JohnAnge Kernolde



Tess Wiegmann

Natacha Bomparte


Connor Strickland, Founder


Connor Strickland is a 23-year-old digital marketer based in Raleigh, NC. Growing up in a family of engineers, construction workers, and entrepreneurs, Connor was determined to find a solution for homeowner property management. It wasn't until his older brother purchased his first home in 2018 that Connor knew he had figured it out.

At the time of purchase, a new homeowner receives a box full of owner manuals, warranty reminders, and business cards for local service providers. In today's digital age, most of this is thrown in the trash or stored away in the attic. With DigiHome, homeowners receive immediate access to all home details, a database of vetted and preferred vendors, upcoming maintenance dates and notifications, and digitized copies of all user manuals and warranties.

DigiHome's ease of use allows all users to retrieve any and all information about their home, from paint colors to appliance manufacturers.

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